Elczar Adame's Shared Points on SharePoint

Step 1: Create KPI List
1. on the Report Center, click Site Actions, select View All Site Content, then click Create.
2. Under Custom Lists, click KPI List. Complete necessary information, then click OK.

Step 2: Add KPI to KPI List
1. Click the arrow next to New.
2. Select "Indicator Using Data in SharePoint List" as KPI Type.
3. Complete necessary items on the New Indicator page. Specifically:
 3.1. Under SharePoint List and View, in the List URL box, enter the URL of the list or library.
 3.2. Under Value Calculation, select Number of List Items.
4. Complete applicable items in the Status Icon section.

Step 3: Publish KPI List
1. click Add a Web Part in the zone in which you want to publish the KPI.
2. Select Key Performance Indicators web part to insert the entire KPI List. Or select KPI Details web part to choose one KPI from the KPI List. Then, click Add.
3. In the web part tool pane, configure Indicator List and other applicable items. Then, click OK.


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