Elczar Adame's Shared Points on SharePoint

The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 system goes far beyond from mere content creation by managing the entire document creation and collaboration process.

Moreover, as a collaboration software program, Microsoft Office Groove 2007, could be integrated with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to enhance teams work together dynamically and effectively.

Step 1: Create an Office Groove 2007 account:
 1. Open Office Groove 2007.
 2. Select "Create a new Groove Account" in the Account Configuration Wizard. Then, click Next.
 3. Select "I don’t have a Groove Account Configuration Code". Then, click Next.
 4. Complete necessary fields : Name and EMail Address. Then, click Next.
 5. Select "No Listing". Then, click Finish.

Step 2: Create an Office Groove 2007 workspace:
 1. In the launchbar, click New Workspace.
 2. Select Standard workspace, then click OK.

Step 3: Integrate Office Groove 2007 workspace with MOSS 2007 Document Library:
 1. From the Common Tasks pane of the workspace, click Add Tools.
 2. Select SharePoint Files. Then, click OK.
 3. Click on the Setup button.
 4. Type the URL of the SharePoint site into the address field. Then, press the Enter.
 5. Under the Sites and Workspaces category, double click on Sites.
 6. In the document library list of this site. select Shared Documents, and click on the Select.

Step 4: Manipulating a shared document:
 1. Right click on a specific document in the SharePoint Files tool.
 2. Select Check In/Check Out, then click Check Out from SharePoint.

Next Steps:
 > In my next post…


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