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Installing Microsoft ForeFront for SharePoint

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 require an antivirus solution that can prevent the spread of viruses and malicious content in the portal, that traditional antivirus technology cannot offer. Microsoft ForeFront for SharePoint is the solution!


Thanks to Maria Green, an IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Asia Pacific for sponsoring me in the IT PRO Momentum program which provides me access to the resources in exploring this technology.

Some of its noteworthy features are:

1. Multiple Scan Engines
2. Realtime Scan Job
3. Manual Scan Job
4. File Filtering
5. Keyword Filtering
6. Event Notification
7. Reporting and Statistics
8. File Scanner Updating
9. Engine Update Notification
10. ForeFront Server Security Administrator

This paper would provide us installation guidance for Microsoft ForeFront for SharePoint.

1.       Upon running the installer, the first set of screens that will prompt us are the Welcome, License Agreement, and the Customer Information screens.

2.       The next screen of the InstallShield Wizard, as illustrated below, is the Install Location where we need to select from local or remote installations.  It simply shows that Microsoft ForeFront Server Security for SharePoint supports both local and remote installations.


3.       The next screen of the wizard is the Installation Type. Here we could choose between Client and Full Installation. Choosing the Client option would install administration console only, while with Full Installation it will install all antivirus components and administration console. Below is the illustration.


4.       After the Installation Type is the Engines screen where we are going to select among the integrated scan engines in ForeFront.  The Microsoft Antimalware Engine is mandatory and we could integrate another four engines if necessary. Below is the illustration.



5.       The subsequent screens are Engine Updates Required, Choose Destination Location, and Select Program Folder.

6.       Following is the SharePoint Database Account Information screen where you are going to specify an account for SharePoint database access. As stated on the screen, the account must be a member of the local Administrator group on both SharePoint and database servers. Below is the illustration.


7.       Just follow the wizard, and then click the Finish button on the InstallShield Wizard Complete. To open the ForeFront Server Security Administration, click Start > All Programs > Microsoft ForeFront Server Security > SharePoint Security > ForeFront Server Security Administrator. And that is it!



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