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Keyword Filter Installer in ForeFront for SharePoint

In my previous piece, I have attempted to provide a guideline on the basic steps in creating and configuring keyword filter in Microsoft ForeFront Security for SharePoint. To assist us in filtering for profanity, list instances in various languages are included with the product. This is an elective module and must be installed separately.

This post will guide us in installing the component and importing it our filter list. Likewise, a demonstration video is available for download in a limited number of days.

1.       We will start by executing the KeywordInstaller.msi in the installation folder. By default it is located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Security\SharePoint.

2.       During the installation, we will be prompted to select the keyword language. For demonstration purposes, we will select English Keywords. Below is the illustration.


3.       Upon installation, let us verify the English Profanity List.txt file at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Security\SharePoint\Data\Example Keywords.

4.       Now it is time for us to import the list into our filters. In the Filtering section of the shuttle navigator of our ForeFront Server Security Administrator, click the Filter Lists icon.

5.       In the List Types pane, as illustrated below, select Keywords.

6.       Let us click the Add button in the List Names pane. For demonstration purposes, let us name our new list as Prohibited, and then press Enter.

7.       With the Prohibited list selected, let us click the edit button. Notice that the Edit Filter List dialog box will appear.

8.       In the same dialog box click Import. Let us open our English Profanity List.txt file.

9.       In the Import List dialog box, as illustrated below, click Move All Item to Include In Filter list box. And then click OK.


10.   In the Edit Filter List dialog click OK. And there we are! Just click the Save button and we successfully installed and imported the profanity filter list.

Hoping this would help.



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