Elczar Adame's Shared Points on SharePoint

A day ago, I posted a blog on the new and enhanced features of SharePoint 2010 based on the pre-released copy – since the beta copy is not yet available publicly, we still don’t have a chance to explore it. Now I am posting on deploying and upgrading to SharePoint 2010 still based on the pre-released version, a rudimentary topic that every SharePoint fan must know.


Deploying SharePoint 2010 includes scriptable or wizard driven options.

For SharePoint 2010, we can write deployment scripts entirely from PowerShell. Scriptable deployment significantly reduces the resources required to deploy multiple server computers without sacrificing deployment efficiency. Secondly, of course we are still in our comfort zone of using a setup wizard to access associated resources, to install the prerequisites, and to execute the setup program. Below are the facilities available in the installation wizard:

1. Plan

1.1. Hardware and Software Requirements

1.2. Installation Guide

1.3. Upgrade Guide

2. Install

2.1. Required Software

2.2. SharePoint 2010

2.3. Updates for SharePoint 2010

3. Other Information

3.1. Browse the Installer

3.2. Office Online


Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 includes to option to:

1. Preserve the look and feel of existing SharePoint sites, and allow end users to upgrade their sites’ user experience.

2. Change existing SharePoint sites to use the new user experience.

2.1. Preserve customized pages, but update template and application pages to use the new user experience.

2.2. All sites and pages use the new user experience.

The upgrade feature automatically fixes orphaned objects and common upgrade failures. An orphaned object maybe a document library without an associated document. While a common upgrade failure maybe an inaccuracy in a given upgrade sequence or action.


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