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Describing SharePoint 2010 Features


An article of Jeff Teper of Microsoft, Corporate Vice President, SharePoint Server, Describing SharePoint 2010 in 1 Sentence, 8 Categories and 40 Feature Areas, clearly describes the significant features of SharePoint 2010. In a sentence, according to him, SharePoint 2010 is “The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web”. What does it mean? From the same article is it explicated, and I quote:

“We decided “Collaboration” was broad enough to cover the spectrum of publishing, sharing, finding, analyzing and managing information that SharePoint enables. We chose “Platform” not only because custom solutions are a major focus of the 2010 release but also "platform" conveyed a solid base for all the out-of-box usage that never requires a developer. Finally, we want to call out “the Web” to highlight both internet scenarios reaching customers and partners and the cloud-based delivery of SharePoint Online.”

The entire features of SharePoint 2010 could be categorized as Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights, or Composites. Other features are categorized as Administration and Development.


Below are the top investment areas/features highlighted by Microsoft for each category:





SharePoint Web Experience

  • Office Ribbon
  • AJAX Responsiveness
  • Richer Navigation


Office Client

  • Offline Asynchronous Editing
  • Office Backstage UI


SharePoint Workspace

  • Local and Offline Read-Write Access to SharePoint Lists and Libraries


Office Web Apps

  • Office Web Applications Hosting
  • Visio and Access Services
  • Updated InfoPath Forms Services and Excel Services


SharePoint Mobile Access

  • SharePoint Workspace Mobile Client


Collaborative Content

  • Improved Blogs, Wikis and more.


Social Feedback and Organization

  • Bookmarks, Tagging and Ratings


User Profiles

  • Enhanced User Profiles



  • Updated User Interface
  • Enhanced User Profile
  • Enhanced Newsfeed


People Connections

  • Improved the Colleague Tracking and People Search
  • Interactive Organization Browser


Large Lists and Libraries

  • Enlarged Storing and Archiving Capacity
  • Enhanced Workflow Capabilities
  • Enhanced Workflow Tools in SharePoint Designer


Enterprise Metadata

  • Content Types and Taxonomies Support Across Sites and Farm


Document Sets

  • Document Collection Management


Web Publishing Including Digital Asset Management

  • Browser Ribbon and Editor
  • Digital Asset Management Features:  Thumbnails, Metadata and Ratings
  • Improved Content Deployment


Governance and Records Management

  • Location-Based File Plans
  • Multi-Stage Dispositions
  • In-Place Records and e-Discovery


Interactive Search Experience

  • Flexible Navigation, Refinement and Related Searches
  • Query Completion, Spell Checking, and Wild Cards for Standard and FAST Search



  • Improved Ranking and Expanded Relevance Factors: Tagging and Usage


People Search

  • Improved People Finding
  • New Phonetic Search Algorithm



  • Improved Connectors to: Index Web Sites, File Servers, SharePoint, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Documentum, and FileNet
  • Updated Business Connectivity Services
  • Search Connection in SharePoint Designer


Scale and Platform Flexibility

  • Partitioned Indices and Scale-Out Query Servers


Excel Services

  • Improved Excel Rendering and Interactivity
  • New REST Support


Performance Point Services

  • Enhanced Scorecards, Dashboard, Key Performance Indicator and Navigation


SQL Server

  • Easy Analysis Services and Reporting Services Access


“Gemini” (SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint)

  • In Memory Database Technology for Excel and Excel Services


Visio Services

  • Support for Rendering Visio Diagrams



  • SharePoint Workflow Design Support in Visio


SharePoint Designer

  • Office Ribbon
  • New Workflow
  • Enhanced Connection to External Data


InfoPath Forms Service

  • Improved Design Environment


Access Services

  • Publish New Access Solutions


Sandbox Solutions

  • SharePoint Custom Code Sandbox


Business Connectivity Services

  • Support Create, Read, Update, Delete, Search and Offline Access to Line-of-Business Data (External List)
  • External Content Type
  • Support in SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2010.


Additionally, there are significant investment areas under Administration and Development categories. For the detailed description of these features, it is recommended to visit http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/archive/2009/10/19/sharepoint-2010.aspx .


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