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To continue the series of my posts on the admin center of Office 365, today we will navigate into the admin center of Lync Online.

Before we start, these are the previous facilities where we have already navigated:

What Is Inside the Office 365 Admin Center?

What Is Inside the Exchange Admin Center?

As illustrated below, the Lync Admin Center in Office 365 has four major facilities: Users, Organization, Dial-In Conferencing, and Meeting Invitation. These are the facilities that we will attempt to traverse in this post.

Users. A facility that displays the Lync users of the organization.

Organization. This facility has the following sections:

  1. General. A section where we can set presence privacy mode, and the mobile phone notifications. On the mobile phone notifications, we can either or both use the Microsoft Push Notification Service and Apple Push Notification Service.
  2. External Communications. In this section, we can control access Lync users in the other organizations. We can as well manage communication with Skype users and users of other IM service providers. Moreover, it provides us the facility to allow or block domains.

Dial-In Conferencing. A facility to define users that are allowed to set-up meetings with dial-in conferencing. A qualified Lync Online audio conferencing provider is required for this feature.

Meeting Invitation. A facility to customize our meeting invitation.

I hope this would help.

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