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Community Site in SharePoint 2013

Another new feature in SharePoint is the Community Site. It is designed to provide forum facilities within the organization. Below are some of its features:

  1. Community Site Creation Facility.

2. Home, Categories, Members, and About pages.

3. Discussion Page

4. Community Tools

  • Management of each discussion item
  • Category creation and management
  • Badges assignment to identify special users
  • Reputation settings, including rating settings, member achievements point system, achievement levels, achievement badges, and gifted badges
  • Community settings, including established date, and reporting of offensive content

5. Reputation Settings

6. Community Settings

7.  What’s Happening and Top Contributors

8. Join Web Part

It provides the ability for non-members of a community site to join the community.

9. My Membership Web Part

It displays reputation and membership information for the current visitor of a community site.

I am hoping to share some points!

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