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Online Meeting in Office 365

On top of presence, instance messaging, and video conferencing, Lync Online provides us an easy-to-use tool for online meeting. And there are only few steps to organize and conduct an online meeting using Lync Online and Exchange Online.

Before the first step, if you need a high-level walkthrough on Lync Online in Office 365, you could refer to my previous post Why I Love Lync Online in Office 365?.

1. In the Calendar of our Office 365, let us create on Online Meeting. Note that we could invite as well people outside our organization. Additionally, we could perform this step as well in our Microsoft Outlook application.

2. In our Office 365 calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar, it is expected that we will receive a meeting invitation. And to join the meeting, let us simply click the corresponding link on the invite.

3. During the meeting, Lync Online provides us a facility where we could easily share a PowerPoint presentation. To do this, simply click the Meeting button and select PowerPoint from the presentable content option.

4. We could present as well a program on the stage and let attendees work on it.

5. A whiteboard is also available where every attendee could write their brilliance.

Facilities to present our desktop, to collect feedbacks, and to facilitate Q and A are also available.

Moreover, Lync Online provides a mechanism where we could easily manage presentable contents.

A facility to bring our meeting notes to OneNote is also available.

What is more, we could even configure permissions to our Lync Meeting using our Microsoft Outlook.

Hope this would help.

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