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Sharing Invitation in SharePoint Online/Office 365

As we all know, our private site in SharePoint Online is only accessible to people inside our organization. But how about if we need to share a content, like meeting notes, to someone outside our organization? Yes, nothing to worry and it is absolutely possible.

Below are the steps that we could follow to make it working.

1. Initially, let us go to our SharePoint administration page in Office 365.

2. Let us select a site collection and set its Sharing option to “Allow both external users who accept sharing invitations and anonymous guest links”.

3. Let us select a content we want to share to people outside our organization by sending him an invitation. In this demonstration, we will be sharing our notes on Introduction to Office 365.

4. Automatically, the recipient of our invitation will receive the link in his inbox.

5. Upon clicking the link on the invitation, he could now access the content we have shared. If we are sharing a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote document, the recipient of our invitation needs not to have Microsoft Office installed in his local machine.

I hope this would help.

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