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Sync in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

One of the coolest features that SharePoint Server 2013 Preview has is the synchronization of our online file in SharePoint with our local copy.

Below are the quick steps:

  1. Let us start by creating a Document Library. For our purpose, we may name our document library as Demonstration.

  2. In our Demonstration document library, let us click the SYNC button on upper-right.

  3. If necessary, let us change the directory where we want to save the local copy of the document.

  4. At this point, we can upload a document in our Demonstration library and sync it with the local folder we have defined on the previous step.

  5. With that, we have synchronized our document library with our local folder.

    Moreover, whatever changes we made on our local copy of the file will be reflected on our online copy in SharePoint.

Hoping I have shared some tips!

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